How To Make Up The Eyes

how to make up the eyes

    make up
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How to Avoid Fights In Your Marriage

How to Avoid Fights In Your Marriage

It's three thirty in the morning. From somewhere far off, I think I can hear my phone ringing. I attempt to build it into my dream...but I cannot.

Eventually it stops. I settle back into the downy comfort of sleep for a few precious seconds.

Then the ringing starts again.

I get out of bed, grumbling, threatening and stubbing my toe and stugger (a cross between "stumble" and "stagger") downstairs to the phone.

It's Larry Talbot.

"I have a splendid picture for your flickr site tomorrow," he tells me. "I think even Easy Rider will be impressed."

"It's three thirty in the morning," I growl. "What the *** is wrong with you?"

My complaint is met with silence. What I have just said is of no interest to Talbot.

"Go to your mailbox," he says. "There I have put the image for tomorrow."

We argue about this for a moment...then I hear a low guttural warning growl...and I set down the phone and go to the mailbox.

The image you see above is there. I pick up the phone again.

"What the heck is that?" I ask.

"It's an image of me. And it's what you call SOOC," he says. His chest used to puff out when he was a kid in the midst of saying something really stupid. I imagine it happening now.

"SOOC?" I ask, looking at the image.


"SOOC means 'Straight Out Of the Camera,'" I say.


There is a silence between us. I hear a faint crackle on the phone line.

"Larry, there's no way this is SOOC. You've Photoshopped the snot out of this thing."

"Nope," he says. "SOOC. Even Olaf agrees."

I visualize Talbot's massive manservant/minion.

"It's not even actually very good Photoshop," I say finally. "If I put this up, people are gonna think I did it."

Silence. A sulky vaguely threatening silence.

I sigh.

"What's going on in this image?" I ask.

"I am looking outward, from the very computer screen into the lives of those around me," he says.


"Because I may yet take a stronger hand in the promotion of my words on your little flickr site," he says.

I bristle just a little at his description of 'my little flickr site' but I think of Olaf again.

"What are you going to do?" I ask.

"Perhaps I have already started," he says.

I press him for details...but he gives me none. He tells me that he has also included a fresh article from his ancient Helium writings...


by L. Talbot

Being married is wonderful. Personally, I have been married eight and a half times. Fighting in marriage is inevitable. But it is in the arena of AVOIDING fights where the truly experienced husband shows his skill.

There are two phrases that are absolutely KEY to staying happily married.

"Yes, dear," is used when you see your spouse's face start to change colors, from a healthy pink to a menacing purple. At this point it may still be possible to avoid the head-spinning-around and things-being-thrown phase (otherwise known as DEFCON 7) a carefully rehearsed "Yes, dear" is the precise strategic strike that may avert disaster.

Any thinking male entering into any long-term relationship must take the "Yes, dear" gambit very seriously. Insert just the right measure of sincerity and humility. Practice in front of a mirror. One must not mewl like a kitten…or rage like a lion. One must make “Yes, dear” sound as though a thunderbolt from Heaven has just penetrated your thick skull with an epiphany…an unexpected understanding of your own dense-ness.

These two words must encompass a surrender with dignity, an understanding how of how far one has carelessly and willfully stomped over the very last vestige of tolerable behavior by wiping one’s hands on a clean towel whilst said hands were still dirty, or by failing to divine that a small book placed in the precise middle of the staircase has been put there so that you, great lout of male waste that you are, would carry it up and/or down the stairs…or even worse: that you, in an attempt to show initiative and to fake sensitivity, have carried it in the WRONG direction entirely.

Plan A is “Yes, dear” in which the wise husband carefully fabricates sensitivity.

Having said this, I must add that Plan A does not always work.

At times a fight is as unavoidable as a tropical storm. They get too big too fast. You can't fly around them and there is nowhere to hide.

She's mad and you're handy. Keep in mind that you have probably actually done (or not done) something that is very small in your eyes. This action (or inaction) may have actually taken place at any point over the previous thirty years.

It is very likely this is a thing you have done (or left undone) a number of times before and it has only now resulted in the prickly and extremely dangerous creature you now face.

"Music to her eyes..."

"Music to her eyes..."

Strobist Info:

subject positioned about 5 ft. away from white back drop.

two strobe lights positioned to the left and right behind subject about 2 ft. away from back drop, set @ 1/1.

Octabox w/ diffuser positioned to the front right of subject 2 ft. away @ 45 degrees set to 1/32.


Model: Natalie Beard
Make up: Brittany Timesha Walker
Studio/Equipment: William Gaskins.


So... this is my girl Natalie. Natalie is a singer. And she sings quite well. And this strangely enough is how we came to meet.

In late 2008 She hit me up asking about doing a shoot together and some of the themes that she wanted to get done. She was apparently an artist who wanted some promotional shots done for her album covers. so we finally arranged a date and made some magic happen.

Only my skills were just starting back than and the studio I was shooting at kind of screwed me over on a Softbox that I had rented but was locked away by time we arrived.

But we turned lemons into lemonade, and I used my SB flash and a silver reflector as best as I could, not to mention the two of us were laughing and joking with each other almost the entire time.

Looking back on those pics, they didn't really turn out as great as I would have liked, but she loved them and used them for her album.

Fast forward to early 2010. And again she hit me up about doing a photo shoot, the first one shes done since our rendezvous almost 2 years ago. I had both the skills and equipment I needed to produce the images I wanted. And she absolutely loved the final product.

This was my favorite photograph from our shoot. Hands down.

And yes, she is wearing yellow lipstick to match the headphones.

Hopefully sometime in the future we'll work on something together again, but hopefully this time it won't have a 2 year interval.


how to make up the eyes

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