Make Up Tips For Dark Circles

make up tips for dark circles

    dark circles
  • (Dark Circle) The Dark Circle is a fictional criminal organization in publications from DC Comics.

  • Periorbital dark circles (or just dark circles) are dark blemishes around the eyes. There are many causes of this symptom, including heredity and bruising.

    make up
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there are so many thoughts just sitting in my head. so many beliefs and morals that i have are floating around in my head, and are never stationary. the derogatory thing about these beliefs is that they are as leaves blown around in circles by the wind. the wind in this case is everything i hear. this should not be. so this blog is attempt to set in stone some of the core beliefs of myself. i figure, why not do this in public? why not write this where everyone can see? so please, read on.

The first struggle of mine is to not support wal-mart, and boy this is such a struggle. im trying so hard to do this for several reasons. the major reason is because i desire to help the little businesses. i would like to wear clothes that have been passed around or made by someone. our culture wanting things fast, easy, and cheap is a big problem in that it puts the little guys out of business. also wal-mart produces so much trash. i will get into the trash thing later.

might as well talk about this now. i first thought about this when i read rob bell's sexgod:

"Where does our trash go?

The truck comes to our place of residence, they dump into the back whatever we dumped into the approved container with the phone number and name of the company on the side, and we think no more of it.

Have you ever later in the day thought to yourself, I hope my garbage made it there safely?

Where is 'there'? And how many 'theres' are there? And what do they do with it when it gets there? Does every town have a there? Can the people who live next to it smell there? Are there and laws about how many theres a town can have? Is there a point at which there is full? How is this determined? Can the people who run the theres give us a percentage of how full their there is? Do they get together and discuss these sorts of things with other people who own theres?

No we don't even think about it. We know that skilled, highly trained people are on the job, and so we don't spend a moment thinking about it."

this is such a major conviction for me, because i produce so much trash. its disgusting! i still go to fast food places (which i shouldn't do) and the amount of trash i produce when i go through the drive-thru is disgusting. for instance, mcdonalds has these yogurt parfaits which are so good, but they attach a plastic spoon (in a plastic bag), a bag of granola (plastic), and then put this in a paper bag. all this for just a little bit of yogurt. you cant even say something like, 'i have a spoon, please dont give me one,' because it is attached to the yogurt. you are getting that spoon.

this is such a huge issue for me. as for if it is wrong or right, its so debatable. saying something like "this tastes like shit" isn't really wrong. our culture has deemed certain words as wrong all the time, but this is not so. shit just means crap. who cares? the bible says nothing of don't say words that society says are bad. but then this is difficult because if i say fuck, then its almost always really bad. fuck off is just bad. fuck you is so horrible. i dont give a fuck doesnt make sense at all. i don't like that word, and i should stop saying it. i understand that we are to be "not of this world" and so maybe swearing should just go all together. the only benefit i see in it is being able to relate to people better. because this isn't really wrong doing, people should not be led to believe they are in sin because they swear. God doesn't really care, to him they are just sounds coming out of the mouth. God looks at the heart. as for me, i desperately need to be wise in when i swear and when i dont.

for me this isn't really an issue. i do believe that i shouldn't get drunk. i do this to honor my parents and also because of my families background in alcoholism. its ugly. drinking a beer is definitely not wrong, for me. again i hope to use this to relate to others. i desire to use this so i can stay in communication with those who do not understand Jesus.

i don't really do it, but this isn't really wrong. the only argument people could have for this is "our bodies are temples for the holy spirit." but what does that mean? does that mean we shouldn't be around animals that give us allergies? because it harms our bodies? this is a faulty argument.

another big issue for me is, what is wrong for me isn't necessarily wrong for you. now you might be really taken back and think that i am not saved or something but this is a new belief for me. let me share with you. when i drink, i have no conviction whatsoever. its just a drink. there is nothing to it. if i get drunk, then i would feel conviction. it would be wrong of me to get drunk because i need to honor my parents and honor that feeling of conviction. now, for those who go to liberty, it might be different. going to buffalo wild wings an

Staying diligent – a preventable lesson

Staying diligent – a preventable lesson

By Sharon Nader, Team driver associate

At no time in my life do I consider myself a perfect driver – not even close. I do have moments of pride, however – a lot of pride. I try hard to meet the challenges of everyday life as a driver per DOT and Schneider specifications.

Many drivers have natural-born gifts and education behind them to make them “super” truckers. I am not one of those drivers. My driving skills are learned, compliments of dad, brothers, my husband Joe Nader, and Schneider National. To date, I haven’t caused an accident and want to keep it that way. But I have had an incident. I damaged equipment owned by Schneider due to my error and lack of due diligence. It was unintentional, but it’s still my fault.

I picked up a load at Campbell’s Soup in Napoleon, Ohio and was anxious to get on the road as it was my load home. Getting home seems to be the most difficult load we ever get. There’s always a flat, a holdup on the shipper’s part, bad weather, not enough hours and the list goes on and on. I decided a long time ago not to push my luck rushing to get home.

If something does happen, I always look back and try to rationalize my defense. It’s just natural to be defensive. We don’t want to admit that we did something wrong out of carelessness. We use excuses, for lack of a better word.

I pulled out the gate and saw a semi-circle for trucks to park. I pulled off into the semi-circle as far right as I could, a little behind another truck. The truck in front of me was taking up much of the space. (Excuse 1) After waiting a few minutes, I decided to go around the truck. (Excuse 2) I pulled forward and to the left, then realized I just didn’t have enough room. I turned on the CB and asked the driver if he had his ears on. He never replied, but pulled away within a few minutes.

At this rate, I was going to deliver earlier than planned and get home early! There were no lights inside the circle. (Excuse 3) I pulled up to straighten out my truck and heard a pop. I knew the sound. I had blown a tire. I looked back and couldn’t believe my trailer was next to a jersey bar that had been installed a month earlier. (Excuse 4) I got that information from another driver a little later in the night.

I was aggravated. Earlier, the MCP 200 was freezing and we couldn’t actualize our departure. (Excuse 5) I called Schneider Emergency Maintenance (SEM) and spoke with Joe. He was very professional and polite. He asked if the rim was bent and I told him no. It was less than five miles to a truck stop, so Joe told me to drive to the TA and get maintenance done there.

I backed my truck and trailer, moving the trailer to the right. I pulled forward, easing past the offending jersey bar. I scraped the next jersey bar and I heard a second pop. My heart sank. How was I going to explain this? I called SEM back and asked to speak with Joe. This time he decided that I could not drive to the truck stop but would have to wait for the road maintenance crew – from Beaver Dam, Ohio – because I had bent the rim. I received a call saying that they would be there in two and one-half hours, minimum. Did I tell you it was dark and snowing? (Excuse 6)

Three hours later, two technicians arrived and said they would have me out on the road in twenty minutes. They put on the new rim and tire and started on the first trailer tire. One hour later, they were still trying to get the “bead” to pop with no luck. After investigation, they discovered the rim was damaged on the inside. My trailer had moved so far left that the inside of the tire/rim made contact with the jersey bar. I definitely knew something wasn’t right, but could not comprehend the problem. My truck and trailer were to the right of the jersey bar and I did not turn my truck towards them. SEM instructed the crew to purchase a rim from the TA nearby to avoid making a return trip to Beaver Dam. I waited another hour and several more drivers came by. I told them the situation and they all looked at me like I was insane. (Excuse? Maybe!)

The semi-circle looked like a semi-circle at first. The first half was laid out very smoothly, with the jersey bars evenly spaced and aligned. Apparently, someone got tired at the end of the job and started getting sloppy. The second half of the semi-circle abruptly turned into a U curve. I hit the jersey bar where the curve changed, and the next one protruded outward from the curve. The small piece jutting out was underneath my trailer and not visible. (Excuse 7)

Of course, that does not change the fact that somehow my trailer was too close to the curve. To add insult to injury, with the second blowout, I pulled away from the jersey bar, traveled north of it and scraped the next one on the sidewall which also had a piece jutting out. I should have seen this when I inspected the first blowout.

A mere seven hours later, I had two new tires and rims and was on my way home. Seven hours was almost half the trip home.

If all drivers do what I di

make up tips for dark circles

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