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Good Makeup For Cheap

good makeup for cheap

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365 Day 207*

365 Day 207*

For the vent – juxtaposing (licking a knife with braces on my teeth with girl makeup on my face).

So I was talking to this guy I work with yesterday. And he was telling me about his little $40 adventures.

To get his rocks off, what he does is go into the ghettos of Oakland and pickup chicks on the corner for $40 bucks. He takes them to his car or occasionally brings them back to his place…

and fucks them….

….for 5 minutes, apparently.

Personally, I couldn’t see myself ever being involved in such nasty fucking activity. And believe me, I’d tell you if I did.

It doesn’t turn me on in any way, shape, or form to pay for sex from a girl – or anyone really.

I don’t even like strip bars to be honest. I never understood the allure of going into a place where you are outnumbered 50 to 1 for a girl everyone wants to fuck dancing on a stage most likely drugged out of her mind that is most obviously using you for your money.

Not only that, she doesn’t like you and most likely hates men. Can she help it sitting there stripping her clothes off for a bunch of horny assholes?

No thanks, dude. A real bar is bad enough with the gawking guys and girl’s dressed to impress.

But back to my guy. He claims that his $40 dollars is less than it would take to wine and dine this chick and not even get fucked for it.

I sat there and looked at him as he was telling me this.

But for everyone reading this (seriously): I couldn’t feel more disgusted.

I might come across as this “suck my dick” I don’t give a fuck asshole sometimes – but truth be told I actually respect women and respect my own body and couldn’t ever in my wildest imaginations imagine myself paying a whore $40 bucks to suck and fuck me just because it costs less to take her out to dinner.


Is he losing sight as to what is important in ones life?

Like really man? Jerk off bro – it’s cheaper and you’ll feel better about yourself in the morning.

Or maybe you won’t. We obviously live at different morals here. And that’s fine.

The best things in life are free. I’ll stand by that statement any day of the week brotha.

Taken June 30th, 2009
Posted July 1st, 2009

I lay in the grass and wait for you.

I lay in the grass and wait for you.

Thanks everyone for the comments. I love that people are acknowledging me now as a photographer. Photography used to be just a thought in my mind, something I thought I couldn't acheive. Hell, I started out using this cheap little hundred-dollar digital camera, the kind preteens use to take mass pictures of themselves for Myspace and such. I hope everyone knows I'm rolling my eyes at this.

I'm getting really into New Young Pony Club. Weird name, I know. They're a band, if that wasn't clear. Their music is weird and good and I like it. It makes me feel a certain way.

I'm really happy lately. I've been on this kind of on-going epiphany. I've been writing a lot, on a roll with this story I'm writing, which I'm totally committed to. I've been getting great ideas for photos, but I've decided to save most of them for the start of my 365, which I will begin the day I get out of school, June 17th.

What's everyone thinking about summer? I don't like hot weather. /:

good makeup for cheap

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